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Restaurant Pappa Reale Rome

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Pappa Reale is a restaurant that at the same time transmits the warmth of an old country house and makes you turn your gaze towards innovation. A large, well-furnished room where the presence of businessmen mixes with families: all together to taste the flavors of tradition and culinary art. Since 1937.

Pappa Reale is a restaurant of outstanding quality. We choose with care, wisdom and attention the raw materials that our chef values to make our customers live an unforgettable food and wine experience. The tradition of Roman and Italian cuisine dances, with harmony and delicacy, together with the influences and mixes that come from further afield. A proposal that is always updated based on the seasonality of the products and the passion of the entire brigade.

Our pizzas: a guarantee of excellence!

Pappa Reale is a pizzeria with a wood oven. The magic of a wooden table, the flour that is combined with water, the addition of a drop of oil and a pinch of salt.
The pizzaiola tradition meets modernity and the search for a leavened dough up to 96 hours that gives our pizza, like bread, focaccia, breadsticks, a unique taste and very high digestibility.

Perfect for your
special occasions!

Pappa Reale is a space to choose to celebrate the important moments of our lives, such as a communion, a baptism, a graduation, a birthday. The preparation of our staff, the suggestion of the interiors, the magic of the outdoor veranda with outdoor pool and the quality of our cuisine will make your celebrations a timeless memory for all guests.